Temporary Bershka store appears in SOHO

Temporary Bershka store appears in SOHO

What do you know about budget clothing brand called Bershka? It’s okay if you hear this name first time, because it is an online platform recently earned in the United States. But judging by the reaction of American fashion sites, this is quite a major event in the fashion sphere.

But particularly pleased with the news that you can buy some trendy things from Bershka in their temporary shop, recently opened in SOHO at 580 Broadway. And work this fashion Wonderland will be until the New year, so yay.

Temporary Bershka store appears in SOHO

Who likes clothes from the Bershka store? Definitely for those who like to visit the popular chain Zara, given that these two brands are owned the same company Inditex. The main difference between these two brands is that Bershka Zara a little budget, and this will agree, can not attract. In addition, the range of fashionable newcomer will appeal to those who want to buy something more elegant than you might choose to Forever 21 or other similar stores in this price category.

With the advent of autumn, many people want to update your wardrobe and add something warm, comfortable, and most importantly – new. If this desire is not bypassed and you look at Bershka, where you will find:

  • jackets ($30-$150),
  • blazers ($50-$70),
  • dresses ($16-$70),
  • jeans ($20-$60),
  • shoes ($20-$85) and many other goods, for less than $200.

Do you have something else besides low prices, to get to shopping this weekend?