Amazon now offers delivery of «in house»

Amazon now offers delivery of «in house»

In early November, Amazon will start selling a new smart lock called Amazon Keythat will allow the couriers of the Internet giant to open the door of the customer for 5 minutes. Another device, the Cloud camera Cam to shoot the whole delivery process and broadcast the recording in real time a customer’s phone.

This service is an attempt to solve one of the most pressing problems of the service of delivery of parcels from Amazon — the theft of these parcels. In addition, innovation should provide customers with more options, and make their shopping more convenient and comfortable.

Amazon now offers delivery of «in house»

The company tested Amazon Key for several months in various parts of the country and now the leadership is confident that the project will make a real revolution. New service available exclusively to Prime, will help to change what customers think about the Amazon.

Apparently, Amazon did not give rest to winning the competition. A similar service started to test the network by Walmart at the end of September, and now the largest shopping Mall on the Internet launches its version of the same service, slightly improved.

How it works

For starters should purchase smart lock and camera Cloud Cam. Starting price is $ 249 per set. Beginning Wednesday both handsets are available to order. After purchase they can be installed by the customer, or the buyer may seek free professional help of Amazon. The camera is set to remove the front door that allows the client to monitor the delivery process through Amazon app Key. Smart locks are available in several colors, variations and price categories.

On the day when the ordered goods have to be delivered, the happy owner of Amazon Key receives this message on your phone. When the courier arrives (on his visit also comes the message), he must first knock or ring the doorbell. If nobody answers, use cloud service worker of the delivery service can open the door. The courier does not apply to castle and does not know his code, everything happens thanks to the smart device. Then the servant opens the door just enough to put on the verge on the other side of the parcel, she leaves a box or bag and close the lock without entering the house. After 5 minutes since the system again closes the door.

The client can monitor the entire delivery process in real time on your phone via the Cloud Cam. He or she also sent a picture and message about the delivery and closing of the door.

Shipping with Amazon Key will be carried out only by courier service Amazon Logistics. Other postal service delivering packages from Amazon such as UPS, FedEx, or the Postal system of the United States, the project is not involved.