Amazon opens pop-up shops in supermarkets Whole Foods

Amazon opens pop-up shops in supermarkets Whole Foods

Company Amazon is trying to effectively use my latest acquisition — Whole Foods — to increase sales of hardware and attract new club members Prime. For this the Internet giant will place its pop-up stores to more than 100 supermarkets Whole Foods across the country. Customers will be able to examine in more detail and to test the device Amazon, and learn more about the programs membership Prime from employees of the store.

To view will be available devices Amazon Echo: Echo, Echo Dot, Fire TV, Kindle Fire and other products of the company.

Amazon has already added hundreds of products Whole Foods to its grocery delivery service AmazonFresh and created the Internet-shop Whole Foods on the Amazon web site. The company also plans to install Amazon Lockers in supermarkets Whole Foods and will expand the club membership Prime due to supermarket buyers.

Total available Amazon is 470 stores Whole Foods in the US and Canada.