The angels of Victoria’s Secret get your wings

The angels of Victoria’s Secret get your wings

The title of the famous angel of the brand Victoria’s Secret given only to the most beautiful models. The wings are a real recognition in the beauty industry, so it is not surprising that they are dream girls and girls from different countries. For the angels are chasing the best fashion houses, print them on the covers of magazines, and was invited to television projects. They are in no time becoming famous, starting their own brands that appeal to their persona even more public attention.

But, like all good things in our lives, angel wings not to only for beautiful eyes, chiseled figure and well-known name.

Model Victoria’s Secret literally earn their appearance, however, is not enough for them to look just right. Body angels has to always be in perfect shape (which is logical, given the specificity of «clothes» which they show), so the classes sports are an integral part of professional life. During the preparation for the annual show Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show , the girls go to the gym twice a day, turning the already perfect figure in works of art.

In addition, the angels need to attract and to charmas witches from fairy tales, because fashion is a huge business, and one who will win more customers, achieve greater number of sales. The Director of Victoria’s Secret marketing chief ed Razek, who has worked for the company as many as 20 years, knows exactly which of the lovely ladies and sexy beauties bring more benefit to the brand.

And, importantly, the angels have to like mostly women, because the beautiful half of the population is a major part of the company’s customers. Angels choose to wanted to be not only externally but also internally, exuding confidence and strength. But in a barrel of honey does not do without a spoon of tar. Although the intuition of Razek has never failed brand, Victoria’s Secret often criticized for the fact that the brand does not work with models with different types of shapes.

In addition, girls with no ambition will never become angels. Model Victoria’s Secret work for the public, drawing attention to himself in all possible ways: they are always smiling on the podium, go to the auditorium kisses, meet fans and interact with representatives of the media industry. They sell lifestyle, and, apparently, they manage it well.

Many of the most iconic Victoria’s Secret angels to become TV presenters or entrepreneurs: no need to think long to recall Tyra banks and her show «Top model American», Heidi Klum and «Project Runway», Karlie Kloss and her brand called Klossy, Miranda Kerr and beauty brand KORA Organics.

In other words, the angels high standards and achieve them can not every, but obviously this is possible, because almost every year on the catwalk there are new models, one more beautiful than the other.