SpaceX has attracted $100 million investment

SpaceX has attracted $100 million investment

The company Elon musk SpaceX has attracted $100 million investment in addition to the $350 million reported last month. Thus, in the summer of current year in the campaign to raise funds, SpaceX has managed to attract $ 450 million in additional investments. Now the total valuation of the company, according to Equidate, rose to $21 billion.

The names of the investors are not known, the last check was received on Monday. SpaceX has not yet given any comments regarding future plans.

Today the company is busy improving the recently-developed missiles that can deliver a payload into space and then return to Earth, landing on a special platform, placed in the Atlantic. The company also leaves no hope for the colonization of Mars. Already by 2022 it plans to land on the red planet, at least 2 cargo vessel.


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