Annual summary trading on stock market: UPS and downs

Annual summary trading on stock market: UPS and downs

On the securities market will always be UPS and downs, investors evaluate in the perspective of a particular company, which ultimately affects the total value of its shares. In the Dow Jones securities market raised a total capitalization of 25 per cent compared with indicators of January 2017 . This is significant in the world of securities the year for many has become even more profitable than for the exchanges, but some people still expect a serious disappointment. Let us examine who was expecting the greatest rise and others fall.

Vanguard Legion securities:

Let’s start with the undeniable leader of this race, the company Boeing. The manufacturing giant of aerospace engineering has received a good income from the global technologization of the economy, raising the demand for their planes.

Annual summary trading on stock market: UPS and downs

The Corporation has increased the price of its shares at 90% from January of this year, seriously strengthened its position and became the most influential industry on «blue chip». At the same time, this has led to increased spending on the military sector in the US budget.

Next, the company received a place on the leaderboard with great difficulty, encountering resistance on the way to success in virtually every niche, which tried to occupy. Shares of Amazon despite all obstacles has risen by 58 per cent in 2017, which proves its huge impact on the market. Hypermarkets, supermarkets and all kinds of shops, the US has lost a whole bunch of customers because of the concern, and giants such as Walmart have taken the path of onlinesale, in order to be in trend.

The whole industry takes the third place in the list of winners. The construction industry was on the crest of the wave this year, due to increased demand for housing. At the end of the year, thanks to economic growth, housing sales reached a peak point of the curve of sales over the last 10 years. Shares of firms NVR and KB Home increased in price in 2 times, PulteGroup and D. R. Horton are lagging behind by a small margin.

Companies that believe that the most important is the part:

A major setback in 2017 became one of the symbols of American industry, corporations General Electric, whose shares fell 45 percent. Investors are unable to understand whether the company adapts to market conditions in the future and, not sensing the Golden mountains, have ceased to invest in its shares. Replaced Executive Director Jeffrey Immelt John Flannery said that in 2018 the company will be a «reboot» and that they’re going to focus on the healthcare, aviation and energy.

The company is a leader on the energy market, faced with economic stagnation due to stagnant prices of crude oil, while the ready raw material price rose. Among the most high-profile collapses: shares of Baker Hughes at 51 percent, Hess on 23 and Exxon Mobil for 7.

Completes the chain losers company specializing in the production of toys. Shares of Mattel dropped in price by 43 percent. This is due to the fact that their main competitor in the toy market, Hasbro, has signed a contract with Disney, which probably led to the first for 18 years precedent domination of Hasbro over Mattel in the toy market.