H & M accused of racism

H & M accused of racism

Manufacturer of clothing company H & M became the object of criticism due to poor advertising. For advertising photo published on the website of the company, depicts a black boy in a hoodie with the inscription «the coolest monkey in the jungle». Social media users have accused H & M of being racist and even called the company to stop its activities.

On Monday, the Sweden-based company apologized, assuring the public that and thoughts on how to offend black people of the planet of the organizers of the advertising campaign was not.

«This image is now removed from all sites and locations H & M, and we apologize to anyone I may have offended,» reported New York Daily News.

The image of the boy on Monday was replaced by a simple image of clothing from H & M green.

Fuck H&M pic.twitter.com/cOqDZJbbDu

— Michael L. Johnson (@subscrb2myHnsty) January 8, 2018

This is totally ending!!!!!!! pic.twitter.com/U0i5yFZAuj

— earl lewis (@69damo_city) January 8, 2018