Cryptocurrency «third generation» of Pavel Durov starts in March

Cryptocurrency «third generation» of Pavel Durov starts in March

Pavel Durov plans to launch its own cryptocurrency based on the platform of the messenger Telegram. With a custom coverage to 180 million people and the estimated cost of the messenger in the billions of dollars the resource base looks very inspiring.

The currency will be called TON, «Telegram Open Network». As Ships reports that, according to various estimates, the average cost of all token pre-sale is $ 500 million, and at the start of the currency will amount to 3-5 billion.

Cryptocurrency «third generation» of Pavel Durov starts in March

TON the idea is to combine elements of the concept of decentralization and centralization of cryptocurrency, which speeds up the process of network development.

Such a move will protect the messenger from attacks by government organizations. For example, in Iran, with a total audience of 40 million messenger users, the state is trying to ban the use of telegram, as it considers it an unsafe tool in the hands of terrorists.

The system will remind WeChat on features of the payments. Popular Chinese instant messenger allows you to scan a QR code to make a transaction. The simplicity and convenience of the messenger led to the fact that only the Chinese New year of 2016, there were more transactions in WeChat than PayPal for the entire 2015 year.

The documentation provided with a volume of 132 pages says the following:

TON Services will become a platform for third-party services of any type which allows smartphones to use user-friendly interfaces for decentralized applications and smart contracts.

The document also mentions the Infinite Sharding Paradigm, the architecture of new cryptocurrencies, the concept of which is the elasticity of the system and its adaptation to the increase in the number of circuits that will lead to achieving low prices and high speeds of translation due to the lack of long lines.

Attractiveness to users and investors is the ease of use and low barrier of entry into the cryptocurrency. «The cryptocurrency of the third generation» will have its own built-in wallet and easy to use interface, keeping the possibilities of messenger and mediasharing platform.

The launch of currency scheduled for March 2018.