Suspected of espionage Huawei planning to launch 5G in US net worth $ 275 billion

Suspected of espionage Huawei planning to launch 5G in US net worth $ 275 billion

The company Huawei, the giant Chinese telecommunications and electronics, despite the suspicions of the US authorities in the use of technology for espionage, paving the way to a monopoly in the use of modern Internet communications in the United States.

In 2012 year, with the release of smartphones the Chinese manufacturer to the us market, Congress conducted an investigation into the activities of the company, and which was made a conclusion about the use of smartphones for spying, tracking users and possible attempts to breach cell communication in the United States.

Suspected of espionage Huawei planning to launch 5G in US net worth $ 275 billion

Published effectively pushed the Chinese company from the market, leaving the balance intact, and the state producer Eastern rivals.

Now the situation has changed, Huawei entered the U.S. market by providing small Telecom companies like Union Wireless equipment and technical support.

Several years ago, the Union appealed to the Chinese in search of an exit from the crisis situation by updating their network vendor, as reported by The Wall Street Journal, Brian woody, head of client Department.

«For many years we have had many suppliers. In Huawei’s treated us better than anyone,» he said.

In this small niche, the Chinese company has already entered into the telecommunications market, the US, and serious financial growth has helped to plan global strengthening of positions in the country.

Over the last 6 years the company has grown, having received the 2016 year 76 billion dollars and becoming one of the leaders of his realm according to research by IHS, Markit Ltd.

The strengthening of the position in the United States and a General increase in the value of the company influenced the plans to expand favorably, and allowed them to assert their dominant role in the telecommunications environment of the future. This led to the expectation of 275 billion investment by the American providers in 5G-Huawei.

This scale led to new suspicions about espionage by the Chinese giant.

The U.S. Senate and the Intelligence community sent the 20 December to the Federal communications Commission a letter with a statement that Huawei plans to start selling smartphones through major telecommunications provider.

In The Wall Street Journal reported that after the announcement of possible cooperation with Huawei, one of the largest American telecommunication brands AT&T, at that time head of the NSA and FBI’s Michael Rogers and James Coney held a private discussion with the senior management of the Corporation AT&T.

As you know, in the end, not agreed to cooperate.

The flagship Huawei Mate 10, which was to apply in collaboration with AT&T, will be sold through and Best Buy, which has a negative impact on the presence of Chinese companies in the U.S. market.