Kodak will launch its own cryptocurrency

Kodak will launch its own cryptocurrency

Company Kodak plans to restore positions in the market with an unexpected product — its own cryptocurrency.

On Tuesday, former leader in the production of photographic equipment, announces the creation of a platform for management of copyright on the image KODAKOne and electronic currency KODAKCoin. Projects will be implemented in partnership with the firm WENN Digital.

Kodak will launch its own cryptocurrency

Playground KODAKOne is an encrypted digital register of ownership rights to the photos, and the new e-coin will become payment method for the use of copyrighted images. Like its predecessors, KODAKCoin based on blockchain technology.

The initial placement of coins (ICO) is scheduled for 31 January and will be held in accordance with the guidelines of the Commission on securities and stock exchanges of the USA.

After less than a day after the publication of the corresponding press release of KODAK stock increased in price by 119%.

Recall that in the last century the new York company was a leading manufacturer of equipment and consumables for the photo, however, with the advent of digital technology has lost significant market share. In 2008, shares of Eastman Kodak company was excluded from the composition of the Dow Jones Industrial Average, and in 2013, the firm narrowly avoided bankruptcy, having passed the procedure of restructuring. After that she was engaged in development of software for offset and digital printing.