Detroit auto show: America more interested in pickups and SUVs

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Auto show in Detroit this year shows that Americans prefer big cars – pickups and SUVs. The show demonstrated a great variety in the selection of such car, introduced to the audience as the options of luxury and utilitarian.

From represented European automakers and to American classics, this year at the show there were dozens of new proposals for the North American market.

Sedans and electric cars in this time are not the most numerous group, the industry prefer large SUVs and pickups, which dominate in the USA and exceed the demand of passenger cars almost doubled.

To meet the changing habits and preferences of consumers in America, new SUV’s, jeeps, pickup trucks and crossover vehicles have become more luxurious with more tech and high quality materials.

At the same time presented was budget car options, among which you can find yourself on the sedan, such as the latest Volkswagen Jetta.

Detroit auto show: America more interested in pickups and SUVsVOLKSWAGEN JETTA 2018

In 2017, top-5 cars sales entered the pickup truck Ford F-150pickup truck Chevrolet Silverado, Ram 1500 pickup, SUV Toyota RAV 4 SUV and a Nissan Rogue.

«Consumers once the economy started to recover, began to buy cars. And we don’t really see now there is no decline in trade,» he told reporters from AFP Jonathan smoke, chief economist at Cox Automotive, adding that the recently adopted tax incentives in the U.S. also, most likely, will energize demand for pickups and SUVs.

Large models are very profitable for automakers. Ford F-150, the best-selling car in the U.S. in 2017, had an average price of 58,000 dollars.

Awards at the Detroit Auto Show awarded a group of 60 automotive journalists.

Winners are selected from dozens of new cars, and the championship on the show gives you the opportunity to strengthen its position in the North American market.

So, Honda Accord 2018 was awarded as the best car of the year, which helped the Japanese to gain the upper hand over competitors Toyota with their Camry line — also a finalist.

Detroit auto show: America more interested in pickups and SUVsHONDA ACCORD SEDAN 2018

SUV Volvo XC 60 was named the best utilitarian car that it almost needed a Swedish company owned by the Chinese, to strengthen the market.

Detroit auto show: America more interested in pickups and SUVsVolvo XC 60

Lincoln Navigator, a massive SUV from Ford won, respectively, in the category of SUVs – which helped the automaker from the United States in its fight against rivals GM and Fiat Chrysler.

Detroit auto show: America more interested in pickups and SUVsLINCOLN NAVIGATOR 2018


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