Nestle company sells in the U.S.

Nestle company sells in the U.S.

Swiss manufacturer of food products and beverages Nestle sells its confectionery business in the U.S. the Italian company Ferrero over $ 2.8 billion in cash. Ferrero receives chocolate brands Butterfinger and Crunch bars, and Nerds, SweeTarts and FunDip.

After summarizing the company’s activities in the past year, Nestle «hinted» that did not preclude the sale of a business in the USA with the aim to focus on a narrower area of work to improve efficiency. We are talking about the production of coffee, baby food and animal feed.

In September, Nestle announced that it had bought a controlling stake in Blue Bottle Coffee, a coffee company high-level. Among other brands owned by Nestle: Purina, Gerber and Stouffer’s.

The sale transaction business to be completed by the end of the first quarter of 2018.