$24 million for new refrigerators on Board the presidential plane

$24 million for new refrigerators on Board the presidential plane

Two new refrigerator on Board the presidential plane Air Force One will cost US taxpayers in $24 million. The presidential administration and the Boeing company have signed a contract for installation of refrigeration units.

According to certification documents, the devices are designed for cooling 3 thousand servings per day to ensure adequate nutrition of the head of state and the 50 support. Favorite food of the President of the fast food menu plane is not provided.

$24 million for new refrigerators on Board the presidential plane

Experts have estimated that the spent on refrigerators $24 million — an amount sufficient to cover the costs on an 8-day vacation of the President at Mar-a-Lago or the security of the Trump Tower for 2 months.

We will remind that earlier, shortly after taking office, the President sharply criticized an expensive program to build a new presidential aircraft 747 Air Force One. In Twitter the head of state wrote: «Boeing builds a brand new 747 Air Force One for future presidents, but the costs are out of control, more than $4 billion to Cancel the order!»

Shares of the company after this announcement of the President fell sharply, although Boeing representatives continued to argue that have no idea about any of the four billions, because the contract was signed only $170 million for the Full equipment of the aircraft company will cost $350 million, other expenses — is the cost of security of the President on Board. Requirements as to security measures, establish military and the presidential administration, company to them is irrelevant.


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