Dunkin’ Donuts refuses plastic cups by 2020

Dunkin’ Donuts refuses plastic cups by 2020

Plastic containers in Dunkin’ Donuts will soon become history — the company joins the fight against non-biodegradable waste and massive pollution of the environment.

The leadership of the international settafet concerned that annually fall into the ocean billions of plastic containers, which not only contaminate the ecosystem but also cause the death of marine life. And their slow decomposition makes the problem almost «eternal».

7 Feb Dunkin’ Donuts officially announced its intention in 2020 to fully abandon the use of cups made of plastic or polyethylene foam in all their establishments around the world.

Drinks in the coffee shops will serve in the safe (at the expense of double walls) and eco-friendly paper cups.

We will remind, in January, the company McDonald’s said that by 2025 we will pass on containers and packaging from recycled and other environmentally friendly materials.