Bank of America ceases to Fund arms manufacturers

The largest US Bank holding company — Bank of America will no longer Finance the companies that produce similar to military firearms for sale to civilians. Speech, in particular, about rifles AR-15used in several mass shootings in the country.

«We want to contribute to the prevention of mass shootings,» — said Vice-President of the Bank of America Anne M. Finucane.

Bank of America, providing a wide range of financial services to individuals and companies, works with several prominent producers of weapons. According to Finucane, the reaction of customers to the decision of the Bank of America was «mixed».

However, Bank of America will continue to provide banking services to retail dealers of firearms. «Asking gun shops to stop selling certain types of pistols or rifles — it is an encroachment on civil liberties,» said Vice Chairman of Bank of America.

The debate on the free sale of firearms in the United States with a vengeance was renewed after the tragedy in the school of Parkland on February 14, when excluded student killed 17 people. Then many began to call for a nationwide boycott of the companies — partners of the NRA. And in March, 2018 Citigroup , the first of the major banks demanded that arms companies with which it cooperates, to ban the sale of firearms to customers under the age of 21.