Mobile operators T-Mobile and Sprint combined

After several years of negotiations, the company T-Mobile and Sprint agreed to merge.

The combined company, which will retain the name T-Mobilewill be the main competitor to Verizon and AT&T. Today T-Mobile and Sprint is 3-th and 4-th place in the ranking of the largest U.S. providers of cellular communication.

According to the CEO of T-Mobile John Ledger, the combined company «plans to create a network with the greatest capacity in the history of the United States» and to become the market leader in 5G communication, we will hire thousands of employees.

The cost of Sprint is estimated at $26 billion, and T-Mobile — $55 billion. However, in order that the transaction took place, it still must be approved by the national regulator — the Ministry of justice.

Sprint and T-Mobile have already discussed a merger in 2014, but the deal was blocked due to antitrust claims against it the administration of then-President Barack Obama. The regulators felt that competition in the market for hundredth when will go to benefit the consumers.

The company hopes that with the administration of Donald trump to resolve this issue would be easier.