Ice cream with pork aims to become the hit of the summer season

If you don’t have a weakness for fruity flavors and think the vanilla ice cream is for wimps, new Jersey you determined interested. Windy Brow Farms begins production… pork ice cream.

I think you want to impress a meat flavoring or a flavoring agent? And here and there — an unexpected icy treat is composed of pieces of pork roll, or, as it is called in the North new Jersey ham Taylor. Add meat in a creamy mixture with croutons and pour all that maple syrup.

7.5 litres of liquid ice cream take 1 kg of ham, which was pre-baked in the oven, seasoning with cinnamon.

The taste is sweet and salty. Without trying, it’s hard to imagine, isn’t it? Such an opportunity will soon be the citizens of new Jersey, where the novelty will go on sale in the summer.

Pork ice cream is one of the elements of a line of products called «Only in Jersey», which also includes ice cream with tomato pie and sweet corn. The novelty is not planning to ship to other States, and for good reason — judging by the reaction of users of social networks, it could become a real hit.