Company Nestle will begin selling Starbucks products

From now on, coffee , Starbucks will be sold worldwide outside the corporate network. To expand and accelerate the global reach of the consumers, the Corporation has set up coffee Alliance with Nestle, which was announced on Sunday, may 6th.

Under the deal, Starbucks will receive from Nestle $7,15 billion for the right implementation of all products, except ready to drink beverages — the latter, as before, will only be available in coffee shops.

The agreement involves the transfer of Nestle fixed assets and real estate listings of Starbucks. The purpose of the parties — mutually beneficial cooperation: Nestle expects organic growth in the price of their shares, and the Starbucks is on the increase in sales, the profits from which today reaches $2 billion per year.

Partners are also planning to reallocate staff: about 500 employees, Starbucks will switch to Nestle.

Recall, a Swiss Corporation already owns 2 coffee brands — Nescafe and Nespresso.