Israel has warned Putin that Iran wants to kill 6 million Jews

Iran is planning to destroy his country, said the President of Russia Vladimir Putin , Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu.

Wednesday, may 9, after the military parade in Moscow, where Netanyahu stood beside Putin in the Kremlin talks were held over the escalation of the military conflict in Syria in connection with the possible supply in warring with Israel Russian missile systems s-300.

PM Netanyahu: I have just finished almost ten hours in the company of President Putin. We attended the very moving events – the parade marking the victory over the Nazis and other events, and of course there were also good and useful talks.

— PM of Israel (@IsraeliPM) May 9, 2018

«I just spent almost 10 hours in the company of President Putin. We attended a very exciting event — the parade, which means the victory over the Nazis, and other events, and, of course, held a productive and useful negotiations».

After a friendly reception in Moscow, Netanyahu warned Putin that 70 years after the Holocaust «is a country in the middle East, Iran, which calls to destroy another 6 million Jews».

«In light of what is currently happening in Syria, there should be constant coordination between the armed forces of Russia and Israel,» Netanyahu said before leaving for Moscow.

Putin called the situation in the middle East was «very tense», saying the head of the Israeli government hoped that the way to defuse existing conflicts will be found.

Israeli Prime Minister arrived in Moscow the next day after the IDF launched a missile attack on Syrian military base in al-Kiswa. According to unconfirmed reports, the missile was intercepted by anti-air defense of Syria. As a result of strike killed 15 people, including 8 Iranians, according to the Syrian monitoring centre for human rights (Ugap Observatorу for Human Rights — SOHR).

Israel is very concerned about possible deliveries to Syria of advanced air defense systems s-300, which could become Russia’s response to the attack on Syrian government facilities from the United States, Britain and France after the use by the Syrian government of chemical weapons in the Duma.