Amazon will allow customers to try the product before buying

Amazon will allow customers to try the product before buying

Amazon ruthlessly destroys the last argument in favor of traditional shops — the possibility of fitting. Now buyers don’t have to guess whether they will have to face vending thing — they will have a whole week to check this out.

Online retailer is testing a new service Prime Wardrobethat enables without advance payment to take the goods on the fitting, and then return within 7 days, if it does not fit. According to this principle, you can order several items — the more you leave yourself a bigger discount when you pay (10% for 3-4 of the subject and 20% for 5 or more).

The new program involved more than a million items of clothing and accessories from Calvin Klein, Hugo Boss, Levi’s and other famous brands.

What to do with inappropriate things? Send back with delivery services of Amazon or UPS. In fact, and in another case, the shipment is paid by the seller.

The service is available to all customers of the Amazon — its benefits can only be assessed service users Prime.

To participate in the loyalty program Amazon Prime, you need to purchase an annual subscription for $99. For the money the client receives free Express shipping on all Amazon goods. Retailer offers new subscribers a free trial period of 1 month.