A new startup from Walmart: personal service with delivery the same day

Retail chain Walmart by leaps and bounds catching up to its main rival — the online retailer Amazon. Another such step was the launch of personal service Jetblack.

The new feature allows customers to order products via text message with delivery on the same or next day. The pilot version of the service is only available to invited new Yorkers and Stonit $50 per month. (The price of a similar service Amazon Prime — $12,99.)

«Jetblack we created a brand new concept that allows consumers to get exactly what they need with the convenience of text messages and the freedom of almost unlimited catalog of products,» — said at the annual shareholders meeting in Bentonville (Arkansas) co-founder of Rent the Runway Jennifer Fleiss, who heads the subsidiary of Walmart — Eight Code.

Walmart is positioning Jetblack as a service for «busy parents» to ensure the delivery of orders from Walmart and also from Jet, Saks Fifth Avenue and other stores in new York.

Buyers can order something specific or to make a request, and the agent Jetblack will offer a «curator recommendation». For example, the user can write: «I need a gift for a birthday for a 10-year-old daughter,» and the Manager will send photos of possible options. In the framework of the Jetblack is possible to deliver any goods except alcoholic beverages and food.

Manhattan platform Jetblack running in beta since the beginning of 2018. The launch of the service proved to be very successful: in the last quarter, online sales Walmart increased by 33%. The company said that in 2019, expects a 40% increase in sales.

Among other projects running walmartcom «incubator of ideas» Store No. 8should also mention the Kepler Project. In these stores the future without Cass (analogous to Amazon Go) will be embedded smart camera for automatic withdrawal of fees for selected buyer merchandise.