Beware of scams! The main types of scams

The NYPD is constantly reminding residents about the danger of fraud. Tricks hackers looking to steal your money and values, becoming more creative, so everyone can become a victim without even knowing it.

The requirements to transfer money to a credit card to «solve» problems with relatives, allegedly jailed… Above millions. In General, however, the scammers prey on those who are least prepared to deception and will not go to the police.

In order to avoid becoming the next victim of fraud, please check out the most frequently used algorithms are the actions of criminals. Remember the most common types of scams stay alert.

Real-estate fraud

In this Scam criminals look for people who intend to rent or buy housing. Posing as a real estate agent or realtor, the scammer requires you to transfer the Deposit over allegedly purchased an apartment, which eventually either does not exist or does not belong to him. The police recommends to never send money without proper safeguards. Ask the broker to provide documents confirming the legality of its activities (license, certificate) and inspect the apartment yourself.

Better to spend a little more time on refining the details than just «give» money to the scammer.

► Fraud on the phone

Your phone is ringing. The voice on the other line claims he is officer from IRS and you have a large debt to the government. Immediately this is followed by threats about the use of civil penalties or even imprisonment if you do not solve this problem as soon as possible. For a quick «solution» question you are offered to transfer money into an account or purchase a gift certificate for a certain amount. It is not about the ten bucks, it’s thousands of dollars.

What is most surprising is some people actually fall for this trick more than once, giving hard earned money to fraudsters.

The NYPD has assured residents that the IRS will never contact You by phone and, moreover, to demand payment in eitherITunes, American Express via GreenDot or MoneyPak cards — if you owe them money.

Fraud information about relatives

In this Scam victims receive phone calls from family members or friends who have been kidnapped or are in trouble. Typically, a phone number is unknown or hidden. The scammers require you to transfer money to a certain account or leave them in a certain place.

«If on the phone you said that your cousin, brother, sister, mother, uncle abducted or arrested, please just come to us or call 911, inform us,» said police inspector (section No. 115) Michelle Irizzary at a recent meeting held at the precinct community Council.

Fraud «curse»

This Scam recently covered the entire city. Primarily it is aimed at immigrant women, which the scammers allegedly warned of the curse that will be cast on their family. Then the con artists offer so-called «taxed» or «indulgence». Paying a certain amount, the woman receives a «blessing» for the future life in prosperity and health.

This type of fraud is happening right on the street. The scammers offer the victim to place all her valuables and money in any bag and allegedly commit the rite. While the victim is distracted, the bag is replaced. The new bag has no jewelry, there is something like them for weight and content. Next, the victim is strictly ordered in the course of a day or more not to look at him, so as not to disrupt the ceremony.

Of course, finding junk in the bag, the victims are no longer to apply. Enough time has passed that the suspects fled.

Another Scam with the «blessing» is the bracelet or other jewelry, the alleged fencing of all the trouble. Once the victim agrees to wear it, scammers are beginning to demand hundreds of dollars – the price of trinkets, of which you had no idea putting on her.

Fraud about winning the lottery

In this Scam victims receive emails in which they reported that they have won millions of dollars, but with one caveat. In order to receive the prize, people have to pay part of the money in the Fund for the lottery.

«If you won the lottery, you won the lottery,» said Irizzary. «You don’t have to pay in order to get the money, except what you paid for it by buying a ticket.»