Despite the price increase, some products in new York fell

Now for consumers is the time best prices on some food products. This is according to statistics published by the U.S. Department of labor (U. S. Department of Labor) from 12 June.

Despite the fact that over the past month, in General prices have risen, buyers can breathe a sigh of relief, going to the grocery store.

The U.S. labor Department published the consumer price index (Consumer Price Index) for new York, Newark and Jersey. According to these data, prices for some products began to decline in may, and now is the best time for Hiking in grocery stores.

In the list of products for which prices are still falling, cereals, bakery, meat, poultry, fish, eggs and soft drinks.

During the year, the price index for food products increased by 2,3%, eating out has become more expensive on 3,5%, and cooking at home — on 1,4%.

According to the chief regional economist Martin Kohli, the rising cost of food is due to rising energy prices. In may, the energy became more expensive on 4,6%, the cost of gasoline increased by 7,2%, while prices of energy for households — 2.6 percent. Natural gas rose by 4.1 percent.

Price index for all items, excluding food, continued to rise for the second month. The prices of clothing, furniture, real estate transactions and tickets has increased by about 1.2%. However, there are those areas in which now is declining: the vacation, medical care, education and communications.