40% of Americans have a second job

About 40% of Americans, mostly Millennials (the generation born after 1981) have a side job, which brings them to$686 per month.

According to the survey Bankrate.com 37% of Americans earn «on the side» more than $8.2 thousand annually.

About 9% of Americans receive monthly, thanks to the part time, from $501 to $1,000. 15% receive more than $1,000, and 17% — from $201 to $500. The majority (49%) earn $200 per month.

However, although many people have the opportunity to earn extra money, not all of it is used. Compared to other generations Menno Millennials often get a second job. According to the survey, the likelihood that Americans will be looking for a part-time job decreases with age.

59% of those who have a second job, believe that you have received the funds necessary to postpone, and 38% believe that it is better to use the money for daily expenses.

Men within a week «cheat» more often than women (respectively 14 and 9%), and get three times more ($989 compared to $361 per month).

The most popular sector for the second work — home repairs and landscaping: they are 12% of the respondents. Then there are online sales (7%). Childcare — 3rd place (6%). The less popular types of part-time work (up to 4%) — tutoring and music-making.

The survey polled more than 1,000 Americans.