Michael Bloomberg: «Rejoice,»

In the network appeared the information that Michael Bloomberg may nominate his candidacy for the U.S. presidency in 2020. What do we know about one of the most influential businessmen of America?

Can a mayor to appoint himself a salary of $1? Maybe if his name is Michael Bloomberg. Salary new York mayor the owner of a multibillion-dollar fortune can cause except that an indulgent smile.

The owner of the information Empire, Bloomberg LP is not just a businessman with political ambitions but a philanthropist, fighter for the environment and the health of the nation, a fan of the business with an inexhaustible supply of energy. As it enters the eighth decade, he is not going to retire, because I’m used to «work more than that guy».


Born Michael Bloomberg in 1942. When the boy was 4 years old, his family settled in the town of Medford (state of Massachusetts). Lived there, mostly working. To study in a local school Bloomberg was incredibly boring. Probably, like most students, not dreams about a University degree, but are willing to develop working skills. After school, Michael could also have been a carpenter or a Turner — if not introduced in high school additional courses in history and literature. They awakened the young man’s interest in learning, by opening before him a completely different world.

The Bloomberg family was not wealthy: his father was an accountant, mother a Secretary. So the pocket money Michael used to earn independently from the school. He worked as a student to pay the tuition at Johns Hopkins University.

Student years

Lectures at the University Bloomberg attended without enthusiasm. The future billionaire thought is much more important to develop communication skills.

The ability to negotiate and convince Michael bought it in College years. The guy was elected the head of group, President and Chairman of the Board of student fraternity, organized events, continuously honing management skills and ability to get along with people. Later this experience helped him to quickly achieve career success.

Early career

After University Bloomberg has enrolled in the school of business and graduated, had no idea what to do next. A key role in his life played a classmate and friend Steve Fenster. He gave Michael the idea to go to a job interview at Salomon Brothers. This company Bloomberg dedicated the next 15 years.

For Michael it was not just a job — he lived it, rapidly moving up the career ladder. By the end of the first year the young man moved to the joint Department, and a few years became a full partner of Salomon Brothers.

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The ability to establish contacts helped a budding entrepreneur make friends with business owners — William Solomon and John Gutfreund. However, this was not the only reason for his rapid career ascent. Michael has always had an incredible work ethic: come to the office first, went always last. Alas, after the merger of Salomon Brothers with Phibro he has failed to hold the conquered positions. According to one version, Bloomberg is not pleased the new leadership.

Private business and political career

So, Bloomberg was left without a job but with huge management experience and money, which would he more than enough to live in prosperity until the end of days. However, Michael was not used to inaction. Soon an idea came to him: what if to invest the proceeds from the sale of shares Salomon Brothers $10 million in the information business?

Michael Bloomberg: «Rejoice,»

No sooner said than done. In 1981 the company was founded Innovative Market Systems, soon renamed Bloomberg LP. Its main competitive advantage was the use of computer technology at the time was still not popular. The resourceful businessman has offered customers something that couldn’t give no one the necessary financial information and software, which allowed to analyze it.

The development of the famous Bloomberg terminal took six months. The first investor and part-time the first customer who has experienced the new product, became the company Merrill Lynch. Deal with such a large financial market figure promised a great success. Soon the example of Merrill Lynch was followed by other companies on wall street, bringing Bloomberg LP millions in profits.

In 1991, Bloomberg business received a new impulse for development. Due to the rupture of the contract with the Wall Street Journalthat provided company financial information, she had to open our own news Agency, which has subsequently grown television and radio. In 2016, the Corporation worked almost 16 thousand people worldwide.

At the end of 2013, Michael Bloomberg has resigned of the mayor of new York. During 12 years in office as mayor he has done a lot for the Big Apple. His decisive, though not always popular measures have reduced unemployment and almost a quarter have reduced the crime rate. Also, as mayor, he initiated a plan for the construction of affordable housing, which is so lacking in the city.

In 2018, the 76-year-old Bloomberg has occupied 11-e a place in the list of the richest people in the world by Forbes. His fortune was estimated at $50.5 billion.

Is it possible to call Blumberga a happy person? Perhaps, Yes. But not because of the huge state. What else besides money gives happiness to a person? Best of all, this question was answered by the hero of our essay: «I Especially love Sunday evenings, because I know that when I Wake up the next morning, I would have to wait 5 working days of exciting».