Unauthorized counter with hot dogs teenager was closed – but the city helped him re-start the business

Thirteen of Jacen Faulkner of North Minneapolis was cooking hot dogs near his home, to earn money for new clothes.

But soon his business is «curled up»: someone noticed that the counter with the name Mr. Faulkner»s Old-Fashioned Hot Dogs was not sanctioned, so the teenager was forced to close it. But sausage is not over. After getting a complaint a few weeks ago, the health Department of Minneapolis contacted the boy to help him.

«When I realized what happened, I said, «No, we’re not just going to shut it down,» like we did with the seller without a license – said the Director of the office of Dan Huff. We can help him to obtain permission».

Thanks on Monday, July 16, Jaken again opened his sosisochki.

For 13-year-old Jaequan Faulkner, today was a big day — the grand opening for his new business, Mr. Faulkner»s Old-Fashioned Hot Dogs 🌭 https://t.co/TBKzA0cfla via @MPRnews pic.twitter.com/yjfQJmjaCM

— Lacey Young (@laceyyoung87) July 17, 2018

«All the health inspectors joined in and helped him to obtain a permit – said Huff. We worked with him to ensure that he adheres to sanitary standards.»

Experts trained Jacana how to measure the temperature of the hot dogs, so she was above 140° F (60° C), and gave him a thermometer and hand sanitizer.

The health Department contacted the Northside Economic Opportunity Network (NEON), a non-profit organization that works on empowering «low-income entrepreneurs.» NEON worked with Jacana to explain how to start a business. But on Monday, the nonprofit organization also launched a page in Facebook for Mr. Faulkner»s Old-Fashioned Hot Dogs.

«We were trying to assess whether you really need a business for this child or he was just trying to earn some money,» said Anne Fix, project Manager Northwest Food Business Incubator in NEON.

We first met Jaequan Faulkner and his summer hot dog stand in June. Someone complained to the city. Instead of shutting down his stand, the city of Minneapolis stepped up to help the 13-year-old get his permit. Next on @kare11. pic.twitter.com/WYKA8rqzEz

— Heidi Wigdahl (@HeidiWigdahl) July 16, 2018

Every day Fix continues to work with Jacana to improve his business skills and create a plan for the future. They have even talking about the goals of a teenager next summer.

«This young man is overwhelmed with feelings of gratitude, – said the detective. – Working with him is amazing».

The boy’s uncle, Jerome Faulkner, said that the work begun 2 years ago as a way to earn a little money on clothes and shoes was for a teenager real passion.

«He never got tired and never stopped,» said the uncle, who gave his nephew a roasting pan.