Coca-Cola will raise prices on their drinks

Soft drinks Coca-Cola will rise, reported the Wall Street Journal CEO James Quincy.

This step by Coca-Cola Co. explains, first of all, rising production and transport costs. So, after the increase in 2017 duties on imports from China rose metal prices. Rose trucking. In addition, the popularity usually falls, therefore the company gradually shifted to producing diet beverages, a demand which the market is growing.

Under the leadership of James Quincy the company tested in many countries and 125 different products. Most of them had no taste to consumers and was discontinued. To date, minimized 60% of new projects, and by the end of 2018 and eliminate the rest. Fairly successful was coasterguy drink, launched in Australia last fall. Now the company is working on bringing the product to the markets of Vietnam and Turkey.

In General, the financial success of Coca-Cola are impressive: over the past year, the company’s net profit increased from $1.4 billion to $2.3 billion. And yet the company is dissatisfied with the conditions in which it operates. In particular, it does not suit US policy in respect of import duties on raw materials, which affects not only the maker of the popular carbonated drinks.

How expensive the products are Coca-Cola, James Quincey said. How this decision will affect Coca-Cola in the long term is also unknown. However, this morning, July 26, the company’s shares rose in price on 2,76%.

By the way, this year Coca-Cola releasing its first-ever alcoholic drink.