As live of 6 children from the Russian orphanage, adopted by an American family

From 2000 to 2009, Susan and Patrick McKinney of Louisiana adopted into their family of 6 children from Khabarovsk, Komsomol’sk and Magadan. The couple never hid from the children that they were adopted. On the contrary, the foster family tried to tell as much as possible about their homeland, culture, biological parents, and many other things that interested their children.

Susan and Patrick want to prove by example that adoption is not as difficult and scary as it seems at first glance, and therefore it is with great pleasure agreed to share his story with

«We decided to adopt our first son Joe in 2000 — the beginning of your story Susan. — But in the midst of the process, President Vladimir Putin has suspended adoptions across the country to manage the procedure. It took us about 9 months to eventually pick up the van from Khabarovsk to his new home. Then he was just 21 month. In 2003 we took Elsa (21 months) and Andrew (3 years) from Komsomolsk-on-Amur. And in 2009 decided to adopt another girl — Natella (8 years). It turned out that she has 2 brothers, Sergey (9) and Elijah (11 years old). We were not able to separate them, so took all three. Natella even admitted that, after learning that some American family wants to adopt them, she prayed every night for that to happen.

As live of 6 children from the Russian orphanage, adopted by an American family
Ivan, Andrew, Elsa, Natella, Sergei and Ilya — children adopted from Russia

By the way, we are immensely grateful for the help the international adoption Agency Alaska International Adoption Agency, especially our coordinator Olga Byrnes. She is a great professional and was with us for all 3 processes. Now our 4 sons and 2 daughters teenagers: all of them 16 to 19 years. Ilya often reminisces about life in Russia with their own family, because he was almost 6 years old when he came to the shelter. Which, by the way, both he and his brother and sister speak only positively! Of all of our children for us from the first second become family, only Elsa said that she would like to someday meet my birth mother. We have always said only good things about their biological parents, because despite all the difficulties, they gave their lives and agreed to their adoption.

As live of 6 children from the Russian orphanage, adopted by an American family

Once we brought children in the United States, they had some difficulties with the language (this applies mainly to those who have learned to speak Russian), but, fortunately, in our schools, excellent teachers. Already for half a year they taught the children to speak fluently in English. Of course, this was influenced by the fact that English was everywhere — at home and at school. Unfortunately, all the other kids had forgotten their mother tongue. But Joe, who recently entered the United States air force Academy, planning to learn Russian. He already took a few lessons, and he’s very good at it.

As live of 6 children from the Russian orphanage, adopted by an American family
Ivan is studying in the United States air force Academy

In General, Ivan, Andrew, Elsa, Natella, Sergei and Ilya quickly adapted to a new life and now is no different from American children. We all have dreams and plans for the future. For example, Andrew (Andrew) is going to study the Mineralogy and Natella — criminal law. Elsa also wants to be an FBI agent — a specialist in SOFTWARE Ilya — captain, and Sergei is an engineer or a mathematician.

We, in New Orleans, even a group of families with adopted children from Eastern Europe. Twice a year we organize cultural events. One day we were visited by dancers from St. Petersburg. And last year our family was a missionary helping orphans in Russia. I also travel to local schools to talk with students about Russian culture».

As live of 6 children from the Russian orphanage, adopted by an American family

At the end of our conversation, Susan admitted that he is very upset about the moratorium on adoptions of Russian children by Americans (from 15 April 2010 to 13 July 2011. —, and then on it is prohibited.

«We pray that in Russia once again allowed the adoption to American citizens,» said Susan.