What boycott? The sales of Nike increased by 31% after advertising with Kapelnikom

Despite Nike’s struck a wave of negativity from fans of the President trump the fact that the player and activist Colin Kapernick became the new face of the company, its sales grew by 31% compared to the previous year.

About a year ago in the country and abroad about the quarterback club’s «San Francisco forty Niners» began to speak after he bowed his knee during the national anthem to protest racial discrimination. It was followed by other football players. These actions angered trump, who offered to dismiss all who «do not respect» the national anthem of the United States. Later Kapernick said that because of the worship of the tribe he was blacklisted by the NFL.

September 3, Nike introduced a new advertising campaign with the participation of Copernica. It’s not like trump’s supporters, who began defiantly to burn the clothes and shoes in protest against the football player.

Nike’s sales surged 31 percent after Colin Kaepernick was revealed as the new face of the sportswear company, despite #BoycottNike trending on Twitter. pic.twitter.com/5fC4zE7crh

— HuffPost (@HuffPost) September 10, 2018

«The controversial approval will normally generate a lot of hype — said Marshall Cohen, chief analyst with research firm NPD Group on retail trade. – Such statements and cooperation with brand affect sales».

According to research group Edison Trends, online sales Nike jumped by 31%, almost twice last year’s increase of 17% over the same period of time.

Colin Kaepernick Nike ad appeared in Downtown Los Angeles this week. pic.twitter.com/FUH1sMuLSI

— dylan stewart (@dylanstw__) September 10, 2018

«The brand has a rich history of positioning itself as a progressive company, which is establishing contacts with their clients through conflict, constructive conflict,» said HETAL Pandya, osnovatel Edison Trends.