The Internet has conquered the dog, who ran away from home, and when I got back, the doorbell rang

In Washington state 25 September there was a curious incident involving a pet. A resident of the city of Spokane has posted a video which shows how recently escaped from the house, the dog asks to go back. Pet’s at the door, hinting to the owners that did a walk up and is ready for a triumphant return.

Greg Basel said his dog named Marshall doesn’t like to sit still and is always in search of adventure. On Tuesday, September 25, unruly pet once again ran away from home while its owners were away. After strolling a while in the street, Marshall decided that it was time to return to his abode. Of course, to get inside was not so simple as to get out.

However, the dog is not confused. He walked up to the front door and have used «knocking» call. According to the owner Marshall, such manipulations he carried out several times, hinting to his empty home.

One of these attempts Greg Basel posted on the social network. The video was widely popular and quickly spread among users. A dog who loves to walk by himself, all right. He returned safely to their owners.


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