Maine help to pay student loans if you move there

White beaches and ski world-class resorts annually attract a man of 36 million tourists. But the youth are not enough.

«Employers of Maine spoke very clearly, says Nate Wilds, Director of the engagement of the staff of the initiative Live+Work in Maine. — They said: even if 100% of College graduates in Maine will decide to stay here and work, that still doesn’t satisfy our need for manpower.»

The power of the man figured out how to attract young professionals. Move to Maine and the state will help you pay off student loans. So there was a program to attract young professionals.

Maine help to pay student loans if you move thereLighthouse in Portland, Maine

How it works?

After moving to Maine money to pay off student loans deducted from the amount credited to you for income tax. For example, if you have to pay us $1.8 thousand on a student loan and your income tax is $2 thousand in the state budget you will pay only $200.

For professionals in the field of high technology, engineers and mathematicians available additional financial assistance from the state if the amount of the loan repayment exceeds the amount of tax.

The average age of Maine residents is 44 years. That’s 5 years longer than the average age of residents of the rest of the US.

«We appreciate everything people have done to invest in yourself — emphasizes Nate Wilds. We want their talent worked for the state, and the state will help with student loans.»