Vodka from milk? November 1 will be released in the sale of alcoholic drink based on lactose

Distillery near Ottawa (Canada) turns the remnants of milk into high-quality vodka «thin caramel aftertaste.»

«You can feel the softness of milk — without the slightest sensation, — stated in the program of Your Morning on CTV Director General of Dairy Distillery Omid McDonald. It is an incredible taste of the product.»

According to MacDonald, his company joined forces with scientists from the University of Ottawa to come up with a way to purify milk permeate (serum), which typically remains with the farmers producing cheese and butter. The result of their joint work was an alcoholic beverage based on milk — Vodkow.

«We use sugar, which is rarely used in the production of alcoholic beverages, milk sugar, according to the website of the company. — Milk sugar, or lactose, is a natural, healthy sugar. It was first fermented by the Mongols more than a thousand years ago.»

We decided to take our fermenters to the next level and add agitators to them. We’re lucky to have found Curtis who…

Posted by Dairy Distillery on Wednesday, August 8, 2018

In the process of creating Vodkow all asked ourselves one question: what will be the taste? According to Director General of Dairy Distillery, the result exceeded all expectations. During a blind tasting of 8 of the top 10 reputable restaurateurs and bartenders allocated VodKow among high quality products of competitors, said Omid McDonald.

The results are in from our latest blind taste testing. Participants were given four unmarked glasses of vodka and asked to rank them. 16 of 20 people Vodkow ranked #1!

Posted by Dairy Distillery on Friday, October 19, 2018

On sale strong dairy novelty will go on 1 November: half-liter bottle Vodkow will cost $25.