This city in the United States will pay you $10 thousand, if you move here and work remotely

Looking for new experiences and want to work remotely, and in addition to a few thousand dollars? Then maybe it’s time to think about moving to Oklahoma. And more specifically — in the second largest city in the state — Tulsa.

This city in the United States will pay you $10 thousand, if you move here and work remotelyTulsa, Oklahoma
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The city has a program Tulsa Remote, which is designed to attract entrepreneurs, it specialists, HR specialists, all kinds of creatives — in short, all who have the ability to work remotely — at least a year.

In exchange, the program provides candidates with a grant of $10 thousand. It is not a one-time payment: at the beginning you get $2.5 thousand to move, and then monthly pay you $500.

In addition, displaced persons are provided with new, fully-furnished apartments in Tulsa»s Arts District, the rent which will cost only 33% of their regular prices.

For comfortable work also offered (for free!) a permanent place in the larger coworking, where there is Wi-Fi, meeting rooms, snacks and beverages, offers a variety of lectures, seminars and workshops.

To apply, you must be over 18 years of age, you must have a formal job outside the County of Tulsa and agree to live here for at least 1 year.

«We are looking for talented and energetic people who not only will work temporarily here, but may be imbued with the spirit of Tulsa and live here [permanently],» says Ken Levit of the George Kaiser Family Foundation, which created and sponsors the program.

Initially, the city plans to attract a small group of all remote workers with the prospect of expanding the program to 300 people at a time.

In Tulsa, through which flows the Arkansas river and the famous route 66, about 390 thousand inhabitants. By the way, here spent the last years of his life the poet Yevgeny Yevtushenko.

We will remind, Maine to help pay student loans if you move there.