The first birth in the US — three real life stories of mothers from different States

The birth of a child is the main event for almost any family.

How is the management of pregnancy and childbirth in the United States? What you need to know for future mothers — both those who are already living in America, and those who are going to go to the US precisely in order to give birth to a child? Recall that in this case, the child automatically becomes an American citizen, however, Donald trump spoke out on the possibility of abolishing this law.

USA.ONE talked with young mothers from three different States who shared their experience of the first birth.

Olga, North Carolina: «got pregnant 5 days before moving to the United States»

The first birth in the US — three real life stories of mothers from different States

About the pregnancy I found out at exactly my birthday and 5 days before moving to the United States. After the joy came the realization that: how to be and what to do next. Medicine in the USA is very expensive, if you buy insurance, it will be operational only in January, and then it was September and 6 weeks of pregnancy.

So the first thing I signed up for a Russian-speaking group in Facebook of our district in North Carolina and asked what to do. On arrival, after receiving all the documents, I immediately take out insurance which I was given for a limited time and only in connection with pregnancy. I was only in early November and immediately signed up to the doctor, which I watched to the end of pregnancy. It’s something similar to our women’s consultation.

At first every three weeks, then every two weeks, and 8-month visits were once a week. Every appointment I had my blood pressure, weighed and took the tests. Also listened to baby’s heartbeat. Closer to the date of birth were asked if we wanted joint childbirth (yeah!) and if I wanted to order an epidural (Yes!).

I gave birth in April, WakeMed (Raleigh, NC). Weeks 2-3 we have recorded there, thus informing that to give birth I want them to in the most «responsible» moment wasn’t paperwork.

Contractions started in the evening. Otmuchivshis the night in the hospital, I waited for the morning, and I did anesthesia. Life again began to play with paints, and I even managed to sleep. After lunch, baby. The child was immediately taken away, washed, did all the necessary procedures, and I immediately brought a huge tray of food.

Nappies, wipes and all that was necessary for the child was granted. I gave birth in the house, in which to live. Huge TV, tablet, huge bathroom, sofa. When gave birth, they moved me to another room which was even steeper than the previous one — the hotel 4 stars.
We arrived on Tuesday evening, discharged me on Friday at lunch. During this time I had a few consultations with a lactation expert, a few well-child pediatrician: check hearing, vision and so on.

Svetlana, CA: «my Husband looked as if he was giving birth»

The first birth in the US — three real life stories of mothers from different StatesCourtesy: Svetlana Chesworth

I live in Corona, riverside County — about 40 minutes drive from Los Angeles. This is my first baby.
Due to the fact that my husband and I have somewhat delayed the process of obtaining insurance, I went to the doctor only at the 5th month of pregnancy. Fortunately, she was very easy — I was lucky. I went through the mountains, worked in the garden, walked the dog, went in for sports, in General, led an active lifestyle — like and was not pregnant.
When we take out insurance to Kaiser, the doctor examined me once a month, so no problems with the pregnancy was not. On the 6th month we were told that we would have a son.

The doctor I chose, which was appointed, and conducted the examinations. The service was very good, the house I was alone as before birth and after.

My husband was present at birth. In General in Russia it is not accepted, and I honestly was sure that I was going to give birth alone. But it turned out differently. The fact that water broke in the morning, almost immediately after I came out with next scheduled inspection (the baby was born 1.5 weeks early). The husband, who brought me to the doctor and left for work, then came back — and, of course, stayed with me.

The contractions were very strong, it was very painful. Epidural the first two times didn’t work, and my screams were heard, perhaps, everyone in the hospital. But the third shot worked, and then the pain I already felt. I can say that I was under supervision, always there was a few nurses.
When the child was born, he was immediately put on me, then in the house he was also with me in private room kids take, if there are any problems.

After giving birth, I realized how much I would have been more difficult without her husband. All couples, of course, different stories, but my husband and it brought even more. He realized how hard it is to have a baby, even more admired after seeing what I went through. For men this is usually a shock.
In the hospital I got on Tuesday, on Thursday in the afternoon I was discharged. Given that we have chosen the highest level of insurance (paid about $450 per month), the bill for the labor was $500.

Julia, FL: «I Decided to join the American tradition»

The first birth in the US — three real life stories of mothers from different StatesMiami Beach

I gave birth at Mount Sinai Medical Center in Miami beach, where, incidentally, there are English-speaking doctors, and a few. But I don’t think it makes a difference, although, of course, it’s good for our women, which is not yet well learned English.

Remember, it was strange to me when I learned that there is no such concept as «call an ambulance» when the water broke and the contractions started. Either you are lucky husband (or other relative) by private car or taxi.

All the polls give birth with their husbands, if any, so I decided to join this American tradition. When I arrived at the hospital, I was issued (contract with physician and hospital, naturally, I concluded at an early gestational age) and brought to the house. The house is gorgeous, with bathroom, TV, Wi-Fi, a sofa for the relatives (you can be two people).

With regard to anesthesia. They say that in USA all the doctors are proponents of epidurals, but it is not. All this is discussed in advance with the doctor, if you want to completely «natural childbirth», and there are no contraindications, no one will get you to have anesthesia «forced». But I chose anesthesia. When later talked on Skype with my mother who remained in Ukraine, she gave birth to three, said he also would choose the epidural at the time, if it were possible.

Legs I slightly felt after anesthesia, no pain was. The birth went well, baby is first laid on my chest, then I ate, slept, and three hours later I again brought the child. You can choose the child can be close to each other in the house, and maybe — under the supervision of nurses, it all depends on your physical and emotional state after delivery.

For Emma (so we named the baby) and I wore bracelets with the same numbers, so no one is confused. The bracelet was given to her husband, it’s like a «pass» in the maternity ward 24 hours a day.