New York established a minimum salary for drivers of Uber and Lyft

The Commission for taxi and limousine the TLC of new York, today voted for the new rates of salary for drivers of Uber and Lyft. This means the increase of their revenues by almost 50% or $10 thousand a year. NYC — the first metropolis of the United States, undertaken to limit the lower limit for the salary of the taxi driver, and then the price of a taxi.

There are many important victories for professional drivers, today: Thank you to the warm support of @NYCMayorsOffice, @NYCSpeakerCojo, @galeabrewer, @bradlander + many more — as well as the important driver of advocacy groups like @[email protected]

— NYC TLC (@nyctaxi) December 4, 2018

The decision was made in accordance with the previously approved new rules on which the work of rideshare drivers are paid according to a formula that takes into account the total time, including waiting and travel time «for a passenger» and the way back. This approach is supported and NYTWA Union (labor Union of new York taxi drivers). «This is the first real attempt in any case to stop the reduction of salaries in the applications, which is the business practices of Uber and Lyft, the underlying poverty,» written in their official statement published before the meeting of the TLC.

The NYC Taxi & Limousine Commission just approved the first minimum pay rule for Uber drivers in the country. Uber will no longer be able to cut driver pay willy-nilly. Our statement:

— The NY Taxi Workers (@NYTWA) December 4, 2018

Although the Union satisfied with the decision of the Commission and intends to fight for more: «In the end, it is necessary to regulate the fares of Uber and Lyft to ensure that drivers apps get about 80 percent of these rates and adjust yellow / green meter to charge the same minimum rate, then the drivers across the industry will be able to increase,» — says the statement of the head Bhairavi Desai, NYTWA.

96 percent of the 80,000 ride app drivers in NYC will see a raise of almost $10,000 a year — following the landmark passage of the TLC’Driver’s Income and Transparency rules today. This is an average raise of 44.7%.

— NYC TLC (@nyctaxi) December 4, 2018

However, the authorities of new York are afraid of criticism from the other side — from those who accuse the city to limit the market and violation of the rights of consumers. At least NYC is the only large city in the United States, who decided on this step.