Vitaminwater wants you to stop using your smartphone that will pay for it $100 thousand.

If you’re desperate to win a jackpot in Powerball, that is more reliable — but more complex — way of earnings. Vitaminwater will pay $ 100 million to anyone who can spend 365 days without a smartphone. The task for the strong spirit.

«Vitaminwater symbolizes the victory over routine and conscious violation of the status quo. explains the brand in an official statement, We offer customers to challenge his own routine and monotonous activities — whether it’s browsing social networks or monotonous food and expand their horizons.»

To participate in the competition, you must create a post in Twitter or instagram with the hashtags #nophoneforayear and #contest, tell me, how exactly would you spend a year without a smartphone. Learn to play the violin? Finally read «Ulysses»? Would walking a mile?

The winner will receive… no, not yet the prize money and the phone from the 2000s and a monthly plan for calls and messages. Look at the mobile — your or someone else’s — is strictly prohibited. Even on work. To check, do you follow the rules of the challenge, will lie detector.

For the 6 months without a smartphone, the participant will receive $ 10 thousand for the 12 coveted $ 100 thousand Applications will be accepted until 23:59 ET on Tuesday, January 8.