Google will spend more than $1 billion for the construction of the new campus in new York

Google continues to conquer new York. A multinational Corporation plans to invest more than $1 billion to a new campus on Manhattan. On an area of 1.6 million m2 of the office and associated facilities.

According to the senior Vice President and chief financial officer Ruth Porat, the campus will be built along the Hudson river, near West village.

Recall your first office in new York, Google has opened nearly 20 years ago, and today there are thousand people.

Earlier this year, Google announced the purchase of a building Manhattan Chelsea Market, for $2.4 billion, and plans to rent more space at Pier 57. Both these places are just a mile North of the future Google campus.

«Our investment in new York is a big part of our commitment to grow and invest in American facilities and jobs,» — said in a statement the company. In 2018, Google has opened new offices in Michigan, Colorado, California, Tennessee and Alabama.

Amazon, Google, Facebook and other tech giants are increasingly beyond silicon (Silicon) valley. The choice of the North-East is not accidental: in this region, from Boston to new York, a good base of highly skilled employees.

However, as they say, the North-East one… So, plans to build a campus for $1 billion in Austin (TX) last week announced Apple. This will allow the company to create at least 5 million jobs.

Google also suggests in the course of 10 years to double (or even triple) the number of its new York employees. According to preliminary information, the new campus in Manhattan will be reached by 2020.

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