The founder of Scott’s Pizza Tours shared how she turned her passion into a successful business

Many believe that business and hobby should not, and cannot overlap. Scott Wiener proved this stereotype has nothing to do with life! The founder of Scott’s Pizza Tours, told USA.One of how to turn your passion for pizza into a successful business, what are the most incredible pizza he had a chance to try what Guinness record he set.

«I started my business over 10 years ago, after many years led friends on the most incredible pizzerias that are located in new York. When we were in such institutions, I was explaining to friends the tourist context so they could experience the particularity of each pizza.

In addition, my fascination largely determined nationwide tour with rock bands in his student years. Then I began to visit the place where preparing the most delicious pizza, particularly in Chicago and new haven. (Probably everyone knows the famous Chicago deep dish, which looks more like a pie.) One of my friends noticed this travel trend and made a special journal where I noted to him every stop, leaving notes and comments.

Since it all began! First, I gathered friends and drove them to the pizza, then they won’t fit in the car, and I took the bus! Six months later — in April 2008- I used this model to run Scotts Pizza Tours and do it professionally.

Scott pulls off his mask and reveals a face made of pizza.

Posted by Scott’s Pizza Tours on Sunday, January 24, 2016

Why pizza? Just because pizza is my favorite food. It can be made any, subject to the whims of the most demanding gourmet, and, of course, it is available to everyone’s taste. Since pizza is so common, we often overlook its complexity. Pizza is the food of new York. Pizza is the local way of life.

So what I do? I conduct tours of famous pizzerias in new York. And every time I explain the history, technology of preparation and the culture of consumption of pizza, to expand the idea of the «tourists» about such a simple food. We do this by visiting several different pizza styles. Walking tours occur in one district, bus tours are much more extensive.

Also I am often invited as a jury member in competitions for pizza that take place around the world. I have to try the strangest combinations like Apple + peanut butter + jalapeno or pickles with mustard. I even tried a pizza with edible gold. Can’t say I liked everything, but I look at it more from the point of the researcher — I’m trying to understand the different cultural influences on the pizza.»

Just riding the F train with $250 worth of 24k gold pizza from the Kitchen Industry. Nothing to see here. #fancypizza

— Scott’s Pizza Tours (@scottspizzatour) April 30, 2018

People who passionately love what they do, is admirable. But the pizza tours is not all of what Scott Wiener. He is a columnist for the Travel Channel, Cooking Channel, Food Network, Discovery Channel, Wall Street Journal and New York Magazine where talks — what else? — about the pizza. Moreover, «Piccolo» managed to put their own Guinness record, which is also associated with love.

«I started collecting pizza boxes shortly after the beginning of the tours. At first it was a very simple box, then went for so much interesting design that I began to save samples. In 2013, I wrote a book («Viva La Pizza! The Art of The Pizza Box». — USA.One) about the art of packaging a pizza. In the course of work were so many packaging options that makes it into the collection, pulled on a Guinness world record. Now I have over 1.4 thousand boxes (mostly unused) in the apartment in Brooklyn and about 300 in my parents ‘house in new Jersey».

Posted by Scott Wiener on Wednesday, July 19, 2017