«Only» $870 Gucci sells brand sneakers that look like old and dirty (photo)

Many users of social networks are outraged by the novelty of the brand Chanel from the Cruise collection 2019. Novelty is leather shoes («sneakers») that look like old, worn and dirty. Fashion brand asks for its new product «only» $870.

«The 2019 Cruise collection is inspired by many things, including an old school uniform and vintage clothing. Influenced by classic 1970s sneakers years sneakers «Screener» with vintage logo Gucci possess a faded wash and wear», — stated in the description of the sneakers.

It is not surprising that some users of social networks in the horror of what the designer house sells these for almost $900. Reaction on Twitter was immediate.

«I can sell you my dirty sneakers three times cheaper,» wrote one user.

«Say, who wants to pay so much for something dirty, hire me for a few days! I promise, you will get much more than just sneakers,» said another.

Some found the novelty from Gucci is not an occasion for jokes.

«Since when is lack of funds turned into fashion?»

«Those who are going to buy these sneakers, you’d better find a homeless man and gave him $870 shoes. At least you’ll help someone».

By the way, Gucci is not the first designer brand that sells «old» sneakers.
Last fall luxury brand Golden Goose for $530 sold shoes that looked like they were falling apart and the owner wrapped them with tape. Many people were shocked by the design.

I’m sorry, WUT https://t.co/fD65zaEgjT I’d say this is mocking poverty .. i.. i don’t get it

— tiffany ahern (@thahern) September 20, 2018

«It’s terribly insulting to families with low income and homeless people, wrote one Twitter user. — You know those idiots what it means to live in poverty?».