In Brooklyn will open the first dispensaries marijuana

In Brooklyn will open the first dispensaries marijuana

Last week five companiesspecializing in the production and sale of marijuana for medical purposes, has received licenses for carrying out its activities in three boroughs of the Big Apple.

Such institutions have long been working in Manhattan (2), Queens (1) Bronx (1), but for Brooklyn it will be a new experience.

In Brooklyn will open the first dispensaries marijuana

Department of health new York state allowed companies Valley Agriceuticals and Citiva to open dispensaries in Brookline, Fiorello Pharmaceutics in Manhattan, NYCanna and Pallia – in Queens. Their production is concentrated in the districts of Onandaga, Orange and Ulster.

The authorities of the state of new York «gave the nod» to the use of marijuana as a medicinal drug even in 2014.

Since then, the state had registered five organizationsthat have opened specialized clinics: ‘etain, Vireo Health, Columbia Care, PharmaCannis and Bloomfield Industries.

Their exact addresses can be found on the map. They provide their services locally, and deliver the drugs to the patients at home.

News about competitors, which soon «looms on the horizon», not at all surprised these companies, but we cannot say that pleased.

Within 18 monthafter opening its first dispensaries it was not easy, because the program is just «rocked», and the number of patients who received permission to purchase and use of marijuana, it was still not enough.

The fact is that for initiation of treatment, the person suffering from chronic pain, must be certified by your doctor. Physician assistants and nurses received permission to engage in the same business not too long ago.

Only when dispensaries began to open, the industry Association of medical cannabis in new York (The New York MCIA), representing the above organization, filed a lawsuit urging the state not to increase the number of licensed sellers as long as existing firms do not recoup their costs.

Recognizing that the new York market there are new players, the Association decided to stand his ground and continue to pursue satisfaction of claims.

Currently more than 1,100 medical workers in the state authorized to certify patients. And already not less than 25,700 residents of new York state participates in the treatment program with medical marijuana.

So that the opening of new competitive «points» makes their lives easier, improving the availability of therapeutic drugs and increase their variety, I’m sure Dr. Howard Zucker, working with the Department.

The exact date of the opening of new centers not yet determined, but we know that it will take place not earlier than in 2018.

State law provides that each company can only open up to four dispensaries for the sale of drugs. Therefore, the number of such centers in new York will not exceed the level of 40 units.

The sale and use of marijuana for medicinal purposes was approved, more than half of all US States – 28. At the same time, the authorities of Nevada, Maine, Colorado, Washington, California, Massachusetts, Oregon, Alaska and the district of Columbia have allowed marijuana how to treatand for recreational purposes.