From the beginning of 2017, the hotel trump in Washington has become much more profitable

From the beginning of 2017, the hotel trump in Washington has become much more profitable

Since then, as the White house opened its doors to a new presidential administration, capital chain hotel of a class «Lux», owned by The Trump Organization, where he began to bring baboutbig profit.

This conclusion was made by journalists from the news site The Wall Street Journal (WSJ), which managed to get acquainted with the financial report of the company.

From the beginning of 2017, the hotel trump in Washington has become much more profitable

How they got it? The fact that a restored post office, which is now Trump International Hotel welcomes its guests, has a historical value, and The Trump Organization does not own.

The agreement on the lease of the building was signed in 2013, and since then the lessee has undertaken on a monthly basis to send their financial reports to the General services Administration (GSA).

Filling a standard form, the company must indicate how the projected numbersand actual results.

As a rule, GSA subsequently publishes these reports, though, and hides almost all of the figures in these documents.

But on Thursday the website of GSA got the unedited version, a new report from The Trump Organization for the period from January to April 2017. Later, the document was removed, but some users still managed to read it, including the WSJ.

And, according to a news resource, in that report it was stated that contrary to the expected loss of $2.1 million, from January to April 2017 , the hotel has earned a net profit of approximately $2 million.

The total amount that was transferred to the accounts of the company for the period is $18 million. For the most part, this is due to increase in tariff rates, says the WSJ, because according to reports, the room prices are almost 60% higher than originally planned.

At a time when the average cost of rooms in the same hotel chains of Washington was $495.91, the hotel Trump International Hotel would pay an average of $660.28 per night.

However, in the preparation of the preliminary forecast, the company is not counting on higher pricesproviding that the average fee for a single hotel room will be $416.

Representatives of The Trump Organization did not comment on their financial reports, but said that the company is proud of the success of the hotel.

In addition to the rising prices of rooms at the capital hotel, at the beginning of this year, The Trump Organization made the decision twice to increase the amount of the entrance fee at the Golf club Mar-a-Lago in Florida.

But the club management claimed that the increase in fees for membership in 2017 was planned long before trump won the presidency.

This became known when the Office of government ethics published a report on the financial data of Donald trump in mid-June.

The Trump International Hotel in Washington has long been a subject of controversy about the conflict of interest of Donald trump.

Despite the fact that trump had to choose either the business or government service to these areas does not intersect, from January 2017, the White house staff, politicians and officials of foreign countries have become frequent guests in the former building of the post office.