US residents rushed to buy private bomb shelters

US residents rushed to buy private bomb shelters

In recent days, in the US there is an unprecedented demand for private bomb shelters. Residents, terrified by the threats of Kim Jong-UN, rushed to buy private cover.

Tensions began to grow after the last two missile tests of the DPRK and leader of the country, threatened to strike at the us military base on the island of GUAM. Oil poured into the fire, the words of Donald trump, who promised to respond to aggression «fire and fury, which the world has not seen.»

US residents rushed to buy private bomb shelters

Unprecedented demand for their products say manufacturers of bomb shelters of Montebello and Del Mar, California.

«I’ve never seen anything like it. The trend is observed all over the country. Just today we sold asylum to customers in North Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Oregon, Washington, Arizona, California,» — said the President of Atlas Survival Ron Hubbard. The head of the California-based company estimates that over the past few days, has sold more than 30 items, several of them were exported to Japan.

Bomb shelter from Atlas Survival cost from $10 000 — $100 000. Hit sales budget and compact model Fallnado, which can be put in the garage.

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On the second place on popularity — underground bunker Bombnado. Sanctuary size 2.5 m2 x 2.5 m2 buyers lay out $19 thousand.

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Wealthy citizens firm offers elite bunkers of 150 m2 with a bathroom, kitchen and rooms. Their price — about $100 thousand.

Atlas Survival is not the only company experiencing the flourishing of their business. In Vivos of Del Mar mark a high demand. «We have thousands of orders,» — says the founder and CEO of the company Robert Vicino.

Vivos provides not only shelter individuals, but building a whole underground community. One of them is located in South Dakota, it covers an area of over 36 km2.