Walmart will use drones and airships to deliver goods

Walmart will use drones and airships to deliver goods

The world’s largest retail retailer Walmart has applied for a U.S. patent on a flying warehouse-the airship, from which the drones will be able to deliver goods directly to home buyers.

This «warehouse» will soar to an altitude of 500 to 1000 feet (300 meters), and it will be a few launch bays from which and fly drones. Archrival Walmart – Amazon – received a patent for the same invention in April 2016.

Walmart will use drones and airships to deliver goods

Companies are increasingly competing on the sidelines each other, said Bloomberg, and the patent will significantly hit positions Amazon.

So, before Amazon bought the grocery store chain Whole Foods Market Inc., and Walmart has expanded its business in the field of electronic Commerce.

Dirigible drones will reduce the cost of fulfilling online orders, particularly in logistics.

«A solution to the problem, as for orders in large cities where traffic jams and a remote rural area,» believes Brendan Fletcher, an analyst at Sanford C. Bernstein. «Mobile storage is a really good idea, because it is a flexible system that can change according to customer demand».

According to Fletcher, the flying warehouse will be able to serve a wider area compared to a traditional warehouse that fulfills orders only at a fixed distance.

According to Khaled Fekih-Romdhane, Manager and partner patent-licensing company IP Longhorn, Walmart is a great chance to get a patent, because it is more detailed than Amazon describes the device of the aircraft.

As reported by Business Insider, online sales in Walmart 2015 amounted to $13.7 billion. compared to $107 billion Amazon, but Walmart is still ahead of its total sales.