Wal-Mart and Google have United against Amazon

Wal-Mart and Google have United against Amazon

The world’s largest retailer Wal-Mart together with Google will launch a voice service. Now this niche is steadily the Internet-shop Amazon.

As reported by the LA Times, starting from the end of September visitors will be able to purchase anything from Laundry detergent to LEGO – with the help of Google Assistant.

Wal-Mart and Google have United against Amazon

«Voice shopping becomes an important part of the daily life of the buyer», – said the Director of the Wal-mart e-Commerce mark Laura.

The company said that the investments of Google in the development of more natural speech and artificial intelligence will help make shopping with the activation of the voice more and more popular.

Retailer Wal-Mart said that next year it will add voice services in shopping 4 700 of its stores for customers ‘ convenience. Buyers can tell Google Assistant that they want to pick up your order directly at the store. Laura noted that the company wants to make voice purchase as simple as possible to use.

It is the largest retail partner of Google and the personalized shopping experience that it offers. Thus, the American Corporation is trying to expand access to its voice assistant Home Speaker. That is why Google helps Wal-Mart to compete in the region, dominated by the device Echo from Amazon.