TOP 10 richest people in the history of mankind

TOP 10 richest people in the history of mankind

Money does not happen much, and the more, the better a person feels, because he can afford a comfortable carefree life. Therefore mankind for centuries chasing wealth. The most successful (smart, strong, underline) managed to put together and to increase their capital forever entering the number of the richest people in the history of mankind.

TOP 10 richest people in the history of mankindsource: flickr/CC/François Philipp
10/ Genghis Khan

Years of life: 1162 – 1227
Country: Mongol Empire
Condition: a lot of land.

Genghis Khan can be called one of the most successful generals of all time. As the leader of the Mongol Empire, which at its heyday stretched from China to Europe, he controlled the largest state in history. However, despite the enormous power and abundance of the land, the scientists say that Genghis Khan was never able to amass personal wealth, because of the generosity of Khan was the key to his influence.

The fact that Mongolian soldiers, unlike other armies of those times, it was forbidden to collect trophies. After some territory was conquered, all valuable not very inventarisierung official by officials, and then distributed among the military and their families. Although Genghis Khan along with all received a share of the spoils, it hardly enriched it.

TOP 10 richest people in the history of mankindsource: flickr/CC/TNS Sofres9/ bill gates


Years of life: was born in 1955
Country: USA
Condition: 78.9 billion

Well, who doesn’t know the richest man of our time, Creator of Microsoft, bill gates. Forbes magazine repeatedly named him the richest man on the planet: in the period from 1996 to 2007, in 2009 and 2015. And while Mr. gates is one of the Champions on the amount of funds transferred to charity. In the good works he has invested incredible amount to $ 28 billion. Such generosity is worthy of respect.

TOP 10 richest people in the history ofСС8/ Allen Rufus, nicknamed Red

Years of life: 1040-1093
Country: England
Status: 194 billion dollars

Nephew of William the Conqueror, Red Allen joined his uncle in the Norman conquest of Britain. For his service and bravery in battle, Allen had received from king William an extensive possessions in Yorkshire and other counties of England. Center of owned land was the castle of Richmond, the first stone castle in England. When Allen died, his fortune consisted of 11,000 pounds, which, according to scientists, while representing 7% of the GDP of England. In terms of today’s money this amount would be equal to 194 billion dollars.

TOP 10 richest people in the history of mankindsource: wikimedia/CC7/ John Rockefeller

Years of life: 1839-1937
Country: USA
Status: 341 billion dollars

John Davison Rockefeller was the first official dollar billionaire in the history of mankind. He made his fortune through oil, the young entrepreneur began to invest in the oil industry in 1863, and by 1880 his company Standard Oil controlled 90% of American oil production. According to his obituary in the New York Times, Rockefeller state at the time of his death was estimated at about $ 1.5 billion, equivalent to almost 2% of GDP in the USA in 1937. Nowadays, this amount would be $ 341 billion dollars.

TOP 10 richest people in the history of mankindsource: wikimedia/CC6/ Andrew Carnegie

Years of life: 1835-1919
Country: USA
Condition: 372 billion dollars

Although Rockefeller got the world fame due to her condition, but the richest American of all time is considered to be Andrew Carnegie. Scottish immigrant sold his company U. S. Steel George. J. p. Morgan for $ 480 million in 1901. This amount is equal to approximately 2.1% of US GDP at the time, that now would equal approximately 372 billion dollars.

TOP 10 richest people in the history of mankindsource:СС5/ Joseph Stalin

Years of life: 1878-1953
Country: USSR
Status: complete control over the finances of the country, which produced 9.6% of global GDP.

Stalin – not the standard figure in modern economic history: a dictator with absolute power who controlled one of the largest economies in the world. Almost impossible to separate wealth from wealth Stalin of the Soviet Union. This unique combination of economic power and full control of the country forcing many economists to call Stalin among the richest people of all time. And even though the money did not belong directly to Stalin, he had the opportunity to use all of Soviet economic power at their own discretion.

TOP 10 richest people in the history of mankindsource: wikimedia/CC4/ Akbar I

Years of life: 1542-1605
Country: India
Status: ruled the Empire, producing 25% of world GDP

The greatest Indian Emperor of the Mughal dynasty, Akbar was in control of the Empire, which accounted for about a quarter of world production. The GDP of India per capita in the time of Akbar was comparable with the figure of Elizabethan England, but the extravagant lifestyle of the ruling class there greatly outnumbered the foundations of European high society. The Indian elite were richer than their counterparts in the West. This writes the economist Branko Milanovic, whose research shows that the Mughal dynasty was one of the most powerful empires of all time by pumping out money from the population.

TOP 10 richest people in the history of mankindsource: wikimedia/CC


3/ the Emperor Shen-Tsung

Years of life: 1048-1085
Country: China
Status: ruled the Empire, which produced 25-30% of world GDP

Chinese song dynasty (960-1279) was one of the most economically powerful empires of all time. Its wealth came from both the technological innovations and advanced method of collecting the taxes, which are hundreds of years ahead of the European equivalents of the period. The government of the song dynasty was highly centralized, which meant that the Emperor controlled the economy.

TOP 10 richest people in the history of mankindsource: flickr/CC/Patrick M2/ Augustus

Years of life: 63 BC – 14 ad
Country: Roman Empire
Condition: 4.6 trillion dollars

The status of Octavian Augustus allowed him to ascend to level 2 of the list of the richest people in history not only because he led the Empire, which produced 25– 30% of world production, but his personal wealth, which was equivalent to one-fifth of the economy of his Empire. Currently, this amount would be $ 4.6 trillion dollars, and it’s just, well, a lot of money.

TOP 10 richest people in the history of mankindsource: wikipedia/CC1/ Mansa Musa

Years of life: 1280-1337
Country: Mali
Status: richer than anyone can imagine

Mansa Musa, king of Timbuktu, is often referred to as the richest man in history. The African Kingdom of Moses was probably the largest gold producer in the world, and this at a time when gold was valued particularly highly. It is impossible to specify the size of the wealth of this ruler. The records are fairly scarce, but contemporary sources describe the wealth of the king in terms that did not exist at that time. Musa’s wealth was so great that the people who lived then, it was difficult to describe it. That is why Musa tops the rich list – when no one can even imagine exactly how great the wealth, which means that you’re damn rich.