Uber is going to turn off tracking for passengers

Uber is going to turn off tracking for passengers

The company Uber is going to remove from your application hotly criticized feature, which allows you to track passengers within five minutes after ended their trip and they left the driver’s car. This was announced by the head of the security service Uber.

Currently, the transport company tries to fix his unflattering reputation in relation to customer privacy. Now users can share location data only while using the app. It is expected that the update to the iPhone will be released this week.

Uber is going to turn off tracking for passengers

Changes occur just at a time when Uber is trying to recover from the crisis, and culminated in the resignation of chief Executive officer Travis Kalanick and other top managers. Reuters reports that Dara Khosrowshahi, CEO of Expedia, will become the new CEO of Uber.

However, application updates associated with the location tracking was not associated with change in the management. About this Reuters said Joe Sullivan, head of the security service Uber. Sullivan and his team of 500 people worked on the improvement of customer privacy 2015, and finally they achieved success.

The update, released in November last year, has ruled out the possibility for users to limit data collection and to do so that location was monitored only when the app. Instead, users can choose between permission for Uber to always collect data, and even ban it altogether.

The company representatives said that they need permission to always collect data in order to track passengers within five minutes after the trip to ensure the physical safety of clients. With full disconnection of tracking the passenger had to manually enter the addresses where they were taken by drivers, and where they were taken.

But the changes were met with sharp criticism from some users and privacy advocates. After such a backlash, Uber has decided not to hurry with the update for Android users. If Uber in the future will decide that the tracking location of the passenger within five minutes after the end of the trip would be a useful feature, the company will try to convey the importance of this value to customers and allows them to self-manage tracking.


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