In the United States have arrested a man suspected of killing 7 people, including parents and 12-year-old child

April 30, 2019

Male arrested and charged with the murder of several family members, including his parents, may have killed another victim after stealing her car. As the official representative of the Bureau of investigation tn (TBI) Josh devine, Saturday, April 27, the day the two houses in Westmoreland (tn) were found the bodies of five people. In the evening on the same day, the police arrested the suspect in their murder: 25-year-old…


Ilhan Omar condemned Ted Cruz for the lack of comments about the attack on the synagogue in San Diego

Ilhan Omar said that Senator Ted Cruz should be ashamed of the attacks on her because of her old comments about the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, because he has not spoken about what happened in Saturday’s attack on a synagogue in San Diego. Sunday cruise in Twitter criticized Ilhan Omar, mentioning her remarks about Pro-Israel lobbying, as well as remembering a caricature of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in the New York Times,…

April 29, 2019