In Brooklyn under the feet of the guy fell through the asphalt

In Brooklyn under the feet of the guy fell through the asphalt

The young man crossed the road, when suddenly the earth literally went at him from under his feet.

Call in rescue service received at 11:13 a.m. Tuesday. The caller reported that the right leg of the guy stuck in the small hole, which arose from the sinkhole at the intersection of Myrtle Avenue and Walworth Street.

The man, who introduced himself as a colleague stuck the poor guy, said that the victim works in the garage nearby. The guy was on his way to work when he fell in a hole in the pavement almost to the waist.

«He looked as if he had no legs. I guess he was really hurt,» he says.

From captivity in distress guy rescues three rescuers. After that he was taken to Woodhull Hospital with a small injury of a foot.

[email protected] guys removed the feet from the sinkhole, was taken to hospital, use caution in the area, avoid open sinkhole.

— Williamsburg News (@WMSBG) August 29, 2017

Another witness says he heard how the victim said his leg went numb while he waited for rescue.

«He said he couldn’t feel his leg,» said 26-year-old Builder Danny Flores, who lives nearby. «When I saw him, I thought he had no legs. It’s scary, because it could fail completely.»