Harvey continues to claim the life: a police officer from Houston was drowned on the way to work

Harvey continues to claim the life: a police officer from Houston was drowned on the way to work

The number of victims of the disaster in Texas continues to grow. A police officer from Houston was the eighth person to be killed during the catastrophic floods caused by cyclone Harvey.

61-year-old Sergeant Steve Perez drowned in his car on the way to work. The tragedy occurred on Sunday morning, however, the body of the militiaman managed to find only on Tuesday.

His death is officially confirmed by the city mayor Sylvester Turner and chief of police Art Acevedo.

Perez «died in trying.» RIP, sergeant. Houston thanks you and mourns all who have died in #HarveyFlood.

— Sylvester Turner (@SylvesterTurner) August 29, 2017

27 August, when the streets of Houston were flooded with water, the police officer with 34 years of experience went on duty. Wife tried to dissuade Perez from this venture, but he was adamant.

«I have work I need to accomplish,» he said to his wife and left his home at about 4 am. The street was still dark, and a police officer accidentally drove into the underpass filled with water. To get out he could not — a pedestrian tunnel with a depth of 4.9 m became his grave.

Co-workers were looking for a Sergeant one night only at 8 o’clock Tuesday morning their efforts were crowned with success.

«Sergeant Perez has fulfilled its task. His mission completed,» he wrote on his Twitter page Turner.

Sergeant Perez fulfilled his purpose. His mission is complete. This city ought to celebrate his life. 9K police and fire working to serve.

— Sylvester Turner (@SylvesterTurner) August 29, 2017

Meanwhile, weather conditions in Texas are beyond the limits of ordinary floods, and are more like flood. On Tuesday at 15:30 the national weather service has recorded at cedar Bayou record the amount of precipitation on the North American continent in the 21st century — 1317,7 mm.

Preliminary record: Harvey has passed the 50” measured single-storm rainfall record for the continental US.
More: https://t.co/sgB1qmoe4M

— NWS (@NWS) August 29, 2017

The previous record 1320,8 mm, was set in Hawaii during a hurricane Hickey in 1950.