In a California beach found a dead blue whale

In a California beach found a dead blue whale

On the shore of agate beach in Bolinas, California, was discovered dead whale. 24-foot animal was representative of the endangered blue whales. Experts from the marine mammal Center identified it as the adolescent female.

The cause of death of the animal will determine during the autopsy on Saturday, a day earlier, the scientists took his tissue for analysis.

The present situation has one positive aspect — the dead whale will contribute to science, allowing a better study. The marine mammal Center reported that 42-year history of the institution the opportunity to conduct an autopsy of the blue whale appears to be only the 9th time.

Last adult dead animal was discovered on the California coast last fall.

The blue whale is the largest modern animal for the planet. It reaches 33 meters in length and can weigh more than 150 tons. The average life expectancy of sea giants — at least 40 years, and some of them live to be 110 years old.

In the 60-ies of the last century the blue whale was almost completely exterminated by hunters all over the world there are about 5000 individuals. After doing protective measures, the population of blue whales has increased to 10 000 and 2,800 of them live in the Pacific ocean near California.